Using nature as the standard for analyzing biological,
chemical and electromagnetic exposures.

LifeSource provides indoor environmental testing and analysis for chemical, biological and electromagnetic exposures. We utilize various analytical techniques, inspection methods and electronic tools for analysis. Every situation is unique and bio-individual. After and evaluation, the approach toward the recommended action steps to optimize your environment are very important. Changes to the home are sometimes hard to make and remediation must be carefully addressed.

Mold is a common biological offender but not the only one. Home maintenance and cleanliness can have a dramatic impact on air quality. Chemicals tend to be elusive unless smells or symptoms alert you to them. Electromagnetic exposure has emerged as a modern problem that must be considered especially if you have children. Appliances, electronics, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, air systems and garages each present silent hazards.

Indoor home toxins appear to be one of the last considerations when health deteriorates. Recently home health has been receiving consistent media exposure. Much of the coverage focuses on a singular issue (like mold), but not the complete interaction of all factors. Consider a home evaluation today to discover how to optimize your environment.

LifeSource Environmental Solutions – Providing clarity through assessment, research and education.

Electromagnetic Radiation

EMR considers all the electric and magnetic fields which can have a biological effect on the body. Unfortunately, many electrical and biological professionals have attempted to create disinformation when considering biological effect. A low exposure level does not mean much if you are sensitive to electromagnetic fields.

To truly consider whether biological effects are real, both the physics and the biology have to be tested within a study. This has been accomplished though a number of studies, one of the most notable by Dr. Martin Blank at Columbia University. Dr. Blank identified the actual location within the genone affected by Electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic fields stress living cells was published in Pathophysiology Journal, a peer-reviewed scientific publication.

Electric fields are one of many different fields Building Biologist’s test. Electric devices plugged into outlets create AC electric fields which have a biological effect on the body. We use a collection of international research to determine what measurements and levels have a biological effect on the body. Very low frequency (VLF) and Extremely low frequency (ELF) levels appear to have a biological effect, therefore it is important to minimize all harmful levels.

The sleep area is one of the key locations where we attempt to limit every exposure possible. Sleeping is the longest and most restorative function for the body, therefore the bedroom must be as safe as possible. When the sleeping area is free of chemicals with clean fresh air and low-EMR, you will rejuvenate body systems most effectively.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

You can survive for 3 weeks without food, about 3 days without water and roughly 3 minutes without air. Fresh air is a necessity indoors and we need a constant flow of oxygen for life. Toxins can quickly enter your body when air is compromised. Airborne toxins (and oxygen) enter the body faster than ingestion and surface absorption.

With Indoor Air Quality many factors must be considered like mold, particles, bacteria, and combustible gases. Underlying material off-gassing or chemical exposures could be looming in your home. Storing common chemicals inside your house cause numerous hidden dangers which can not always be detected by smell. Ironically, we have become accustomed to the “new smell” which are normally Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).

Mold is one of the silent destroyers of health indoors. Mold can grow very fast creating a mycelium (root system) producing spores and endotoxins. The toxins soak into fabrics and contaminate homes in a way that can cause severe health problems. Cleaning or removing belongings contaminated by these toxins is an absolute necessity for those who are sensitive.

Multiply VOC’s with stagnant air, mold or synthetic materials and you have a prescription for poor air quality. These toxins increase CO2 and positive ions causing numerous breathing difficulties. Some building materials off-gas or vaporize chemicals indefinitely which can cause low-level long term chemical exposure. Even closed containers have the ability to vaporize. Once the off-gassing materials and endotoxins have been in the house, there is the potential for absorption into fabrics, wood, and drywall.

If you have trouble breathing indoors or you experience symptoms when indoors, consider an IAQ evaluation. Air testing, moisture, air stacking, materials and VOC’s are some of considerations used to determine the cause of exposure. Air quality is very important, and we have the background to evaluate the collective exposures and create an environment of fresh clean air.

Safe Building & Remodeling

The first thing heard when mentioning Safe Building or Remodeling is “How much does it cost?” Clearly we can’t overlook the cost, but how much is your health worth if material off-gassing, particles and radioactivity cause exposures and poor health? If you are renovating, some precautions must be made to ensure particles and vaporized chemicals don’t seep into your living areas. Many materials have known toxicity levels long after installation, therefore it is important to take precautions.

The Green Building industry has finally started to consider the problems associated with a tight building envelope, material off-gassing and the speed at which people occupy these spaces. If you are Chemically sensitive this could potentially cause a myriad of health and financial problems. Moving into a new home before adequate time has been allowed for moisture and chemical off-gassing to escape will increase exposures dramatically. Many of the conventional materials used for building use much embodied energy. Building codes require specific methods (such as vapor-barriers), therefore we try to provide solutions that work for your local laws and situation.

Consider consultation with us before renovating to limit exposures or learn how to build a safe home!

Health Planning & Research

Since we specialize in working with people who are severely sensitive (EHS, MCS, mold injured) we provide planning, management and research for your condition. When very weak it is hard to stay on track to follow physician protocols. Health planning directly shows you how to stay on track. Research services provide options and therapies to help manage your condition. Many who are very sensitive have difficulty maintaining jobs, friends and family life. We know this first hand and are happy to assist you in creating a system that is feasible to fit in your routine.

Do you know what is available to treat your condition?

Do you know how to detoxify from an environmental perspective?

Do you know how to recognize your symptoms?

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