Air quality is the interaction of
chemical, biological and electromagnetic exposures.

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Electromagnetic Radiation


Electric Sense
Living a Naturally Healthy life in our electromagnetic world.

Created by Lloyd Burrell who suffered and recovered from Electrosensitivity. Interviews, articles and services are available.

Environmental Health Trust
Education, Research and Policy to Reduce Environmental Risk.

Dr. Devra Davis founded non-profit Environmental Health Trust in 2007 to provide basic research and education about environmental health hazards and promote constructive policies locally, nationally and internationally. Currently focused on electromagnetic exposure.

Electromagnetic Health

Educational resource for the public, health care providers and the media on the health hazards of electromagnetic health.

Founder Camilla Rees is a leading health educator who has studied widely in health and medicine and speaks widely on mitigation of electromagnetic fields.


Naval Medical Research Report

Naval Medical Research Center, Bethesda MD – 1971

Historical Governmental Naval research document indicating the negative effects of Radiofrequency.

Bioinitiative Report

International Rationale of Concerned Health Professionals – 2012

The Bioinitiative Report is a collection of 29 authors from ten countries, 10 holding medical degrees, 21 PhDs, and three MsC, MA or MPHs. The largest study showing the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields, and establishing some guidlines for safety.

EMF fields activate the cellular stress response

Pathophysiology Journal – 2008


Electromagnetic fields (EMF), in both ELF (extremely low frequency) and radio frequency (RF) ranges, activate the cellular stress response, a protective mechanism that induces the expression of stress response genes . . .


Intracellular Ca(2+) spikes trigger cell proliferation, differentiation and cytoskeletal reorganization. In addition to Ca(2+) spiking that can be initiated by a ligand binding to its receptor, exposure to electromagnetic stimuli has also been shown to alter Ca(2+) dynamics. . . .


The direct targets of extremely low and microwave frequency range electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in producing non-thermal effects have not been clearly established. However, studies in the literature, reviewed here, provide substantial support for such direct targets.

Indoor Air Quality


. . . . Our analysis found 133 different VOCs emitted from the 25 products, with an average of 17 VOCs per product. Of these 133 VOCs, 24 are classified as toxic or hazardous under U.S. federal laws, and each product emitted at least one of these compounds . . .

Indoor Air Quality and Sick Building Syndrome in Three Selected Buildings
Procedia Engineering,
Malaysian Technical Universities Conference on Engineering & Technology 2012, MUCET 2012

The findings suggested that the important predictors of sick building syndromes are ventilation and accumulation of possible contaminants within the indoor environment . . .

We examined growth of mixed microbialrelease volatile compounds (VOCs) in typical building materials in outside walls, separating walls, and bathroom floors at various relative humidities (RHs) of air.

Home Materials


Brominated Fire Retardants effect natural killer cells

Cell Biology and Toxicology – 2014

. . . Hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) is a brominated flame retardant used primarily in expanded (EPS) and extruded (XPS) polystyrene foams for thermal insulation in the building and construction industry. . . .contaminate the environment and are found in human blood samples. In previous studies, we have shown . . . decrease NK lytic function . . .

Removing hormone disrupting chemicals from the home
Environmental Working Group, 2007

Choosing household products that do not contain hormone-disrupting chemicals may benefit your health and the health of your family, and can reduce the amount of these chemicals entering San Francisco Bay. You can make safer choices at home each time you prepare a meal, wash dishes, wash clothes, or take a shower . . .

Center For Disease Control – 2016

Some types of phthalates have affected the reproductive system of laboratory animals. . . phthalate exposure is widespread in the U.S. population.

Phthalates are important endocrine disrupting chemicals that have been linked to various adverse human health effects. Phthalates are ubiquitously present in indoor environment and could enter humans. Vinyl or PVC floorings have been recognized as one of important sources of phthalate release to indoor environment including house dust. . . .Choosing household products that do not contain hormone-disrupting chemicals may benefit your health and the health of your family, and can reduce the amount of these chemicals entering San Francisco Bay.

Media / Articles & Speaking Engagements

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