LifeSource provides indoor environmental testing and analysis for chemical biological and electromagnetic exposures. We utilize various analytical techniques, inspection methods and electronic tools for analysis. Every situation is unique and bio-individual. After and evaluation, the approach toward the recommended action steps to optimize your environment are very important. Changes to the home are sometimes hard to make and remediation must be carefully addressesd.

Mold is a common biological offender but not the only one. Home maintenance and cleanliness can have a dramatic impact on air quality. Chemicals tend to be elusive unless smells or symptoms alert you to them. Electromagnetic exposure has emerged as a modern problem that must be considered especially if you have children. Appliances, electronics, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, air systems and garages each present silent hazards.

Indoor home toxins appear to be one of the last considerations when health deteriorates. Recently home health has been receiving consistent media exposure. Much of the coverage focuses on a singular issue (like mold), but not the complete interaction of all factors. Consider a home evaluation today to discover how to optimize your environment.

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