Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

You can survive for 3 weeks without food, about 3 days without water and roughly 3 minutes without air. Fresh air is a necessity indoors and we need a constant flow of oxygen for life. Toxins can quickly enter your body when air is compromised. Airborne toxins (and oxygen) enter the body faster than ingestion and surface absorption.

With Indoor Air Quality many factors must be considered like mold, particles, bacteria, and combustible gases. Underlying material off-gassing or chemical exposures could be looming in your home. Storing common chemicals inside your house cause numerous hidden dangers which can not always be detected by smell. Ironically, we have become accustomed to the "new smell" which are normally Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's).

Mold is one of the silent destroyers of health indoors. Mold can grow very fast creating a mycelium (root system) producing spores and endotoxins. The toxins soak into fabrics and contaminate homes in a way that can cause severe health problems. Cleaning or removing belongings contaminated by these toxins is an absolute necessity for those who are sensitive.

Multiply VOC's with stagnant air, mold or synthetic materials and you have a prescription for poor air quality. These toxins increase CO2 and positive ions causing numerous breathing difficulties. Some building materials off-gas or vaporize chemicals indefinitely which can cause low-level long term chemical exposure. Even closed containers have the ability to vaporize. Once the off-gassing materials and endotoxins have been in the house, there is the potential for absorption into fabrics, wood, and drywall.

If you have trouble breathing indoors or you experience symptoms when indoors, consider an IAQ evaluation. Air testing, moisture, air stacking, materials and VOC's are some of considerations used to determine the cause of exposure. Air quality is very important, and we have the background to evaluate the collective exposures and create an environment of fresh clean air.


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