Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF/EMR)

EMR considers all the electric and magnetic fields which can have a biological effect on the body. Unfortunately, many electrical and biological professionals have attempted to create disinformation when considering biological effect. A low exposure level does not mean much if you are sensitive to electromagnetoc fields.

To truly consider whether biological effects are real, both the physics and the biology have to be tested within a study. This has been accomplished though a number of studies, one of the most notable by Dr. Martin Blank at Columbia University. Dr. Blank identified the actual location within the genone affected by Electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic fields stress living cells was published in Pathophysiology Journal, a peer-reviewed scientific publication.

Electric fields are one of many different fields Building Biologist's test. Electric devices plugged into outlets create AC electric fields which have a biological effect on the body. We use a collection of international research to determine what measurements and levels have a biological effect on the body. Very low frequency (VLF) and Extremely low frequency (ELF) levels appear to have a biological effect, therefore it is important to minimize all harmful levels.

The sleep area is one of the key locations where we attempt to limit every exposure possible. Sleeping is the longest and most restorative function for the body, therefore the bedroom must be as safe as possible. When the sleeping area is free of chemicals with clean fresh air and low-EMR, you will rejuvenate body systems most effectively.




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