Safe Building & Remodeling

The first thing heard when mentioning Safe Building or Remodeling is "How much does it cost?" Clearly we can't overlook the cost, but how much is your health worth if material off-gassing, particles and radioactivity cause exposures and poor health? If you are renovating, some precautions must be made to ensure particles and vaporized chemicals don't seep into your living areas. Many materials have known toxicity levels long after installation, therefore it is important to take precautions.

The Green Building industry has finally started to consider the problems associated with a tight building envelope, material off-gassing and the speed at which people occupy these spaces. If you are Chemically sensitive this could potentially cause a myriad of health and financial problems. Moving into a new home before adequate time has been allowed for moisture and chemical off-gassing to escape will increase exposures dramatically. Many of the conventional materials used for building use much embodied energy. Building codes require specific methods (such as vapor-barriers), therefore we try to provide solutions that work for your local laws and situation.

Consider consultation with us before renovating to limit exposures or learn how to build a safe home!


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